Fairway Infant School

Safety at school

Security and Safety of the Children at Fairway


As a school, we are committed to developing safe working practices for the children and staff of Fairway School.


In order to achieve this safe and open culture we:

  • Brief staff, students and volunteers on safer practices
  • Follow guidelines on safer recruitment practice (Safer School Checklist)
  • Adhere strictly to guidelines for CRB checks and regularly update records
  • Work with parents in the interest of protecting children
  • Regularly acquaint appropriate stakeholders with information from safer practice policies (Child Protection Policy, Discrimination and Disability Scheme, Behaviour Policy, Bullying Policy, Whistle Blowing Policy, Staff/Student/NQT Induction Policies, Health and Safety Policy, Acceptable Use Policy, Recruitment Policy)
  • Teach personal safety skills
  • Record and report incidents to the appropriate agencies
  • Review and monitor policies and incidents
  • Treat information in a discreet and confidential manner
  • Plan offsite and after school activities with care and by undertaking risk assessments
  • Give due regard to Department for Education guidance e.g. Supporting Children with Medical Needs in School
  • Adhere to the school’s safety policies
  • Take concerns seriously
  • Set acceptable standards of behaviour for all (Staff Handbook, Governors’ Visits Policy, Classroom Rules)
  • Create an ongoing culture of vigilance
  • Have developed Risk Assessments
  • Carry out an annual Health and Safety Audit


'These actions are not ranked in order of priority as they are designed to dovetail together to form a culture that safeguards children'


Security During the school day the gates and all external doors are locked. Anyone arriving later must enter through the front gate, which is protected by a voice entry system. For reasons of safety, all external doors can be opened from inside the building, but cannot be opened from outside. Children are not allowed outside the school unsupervised.


If you have reason to come into the school at any time between 9am and 3.00pm, you must enter by the front gate, report to the school office and sign in.