Fairway Infant School


At Fairway, we know that handwriting is an important, key skill that supports children’s ability to communicate in written form. Regular, focussed time is devoted to the teaching and learning of letter formation and the development of fine motor skills. When a child is able, at speed, to comfortably produce legible, well formed, spaced and sized letters without conscious thought; they are able to focus on higher-level aspects of writing and the content they wish to communicate. Children throughout the school take part in exciting and engaging activities to develop fine motor skills and to support good posture and pencil grip. Children are taught to write, initially in printed form and then, as soon as they can form printed letters securely and with the correct orientation, they are moved on to learning a joined style of writing. Whilst handwriting is taught explicitly and practiced on a daily basis, it permeates through the entire curriculum with the expectation that the children will apply their learning, in every piece of writing they complete, in all subjects.

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