Fairway Infant School


MAPAC Information Leaflet

Our school uniform :-


  • Grey trousers
  • Grey skirt or pinafore
  • Blue or white Polo shirt*
  • Navy sweat cardigan*
  • Navy sweatshirt*
  • Grey summer shorts
  • Blue and white summer dress
  • Suitable black shoes

No high heels or open toed sandals.


For PE:

  • Plimsolls
  • Navy or white PE shorts and white *T-shirt
  • Navy or Grey jogging bottoms


Items marked * embroidered with the school badge can be ordered from Mapac's School Uniform website (link below). Click on the logo to go straight to our page on their website to order.









Children should come into school in their PE kit on the days of their PE sessions.  You will be notified of their PE days at the beginning of term.

A pair of jogging bottoms is useful for outdoor play/PE when the weather is cold.


Every child can have an "accident" at some time, so please provide a spare set of clothes including a pair of pants and socks (labelled) in a small bag.


Every item of clothing should be clearly marked with your child’s name. This is particularly necessary with sweatshirts, polo shirts, cardigans and plimsolls as they are all similar. Coats should have a loop sewn in them to enable them to be hung tidily on cloakroom pegs.


Sun Policy


All children should have a sunhat at school during very hot weather and should have a suitable factor sunscreen applied before coming to school.




We do not allow the wearing of any jewellery during PE, including stud earrings. Please make sure your child does not wear earrings on days when they have PE. (The only exceptions to this are the wearing of religious or cultural jewellery).

On non-PE days we will only allow the wearing of stud earrings but no other jewellery should be worn.