Fairway Infant School

School Meals

Children who are at school full time have the choice of having a hot meal, bringing a packed lunch or going home for lunch.


Hot Meals


All children at Fairway are entitled to a free school lunch under the Government's Universal Infant Free School Meals initiative.


Parents need to opt in or out of the scheme and can do this by contacting the school office.  The school then orders the required number of meals with our supplier, Chartwells.  The school will monitor the number of lunches actually taken every day for audit purposes. 


The menu for lunches can be viewed on the Chartwells website or is available from the school office.  There is a three week cycle for the menu.


Special diets can be catered for. If your child has any special dietary requirements these MUST be discussed with Chartwells and a special menu approved BEFORE any meals are ordered.


Click on the logo to go to Chartwell's website.



Packed Lunches


All children will be encouraged to take school lunches but may still bring a packed lunch if this is your preferred choice.  Please make sure all packed lunches are in a clearly named box, and that any drinks are securely fastened in an unbreakable container. Hot drinks are not permitted. The lunch hour is made up of 30mins outdoor playtime and 30mins to eat lunch. During this time the children are encouraged to eat all that is in their lunch box. Any uneaten lunch goes home for you to see how much your child has eaten.


Please do not send in any foods that contain nuts, as we may have children with severe nut allergies.


Please do not give your child too much food or food that is difficult to open.

This is an example of a reasonable packed lunch for a five year old:

  • A still drink,
  • a sandwich or filled roll,
  • yoghurt and a piece of prepared fruit or savoury snack.


Most children manage to eat this within the allotted time.


NB Sweets are not allowed in school.