Fairway Infant School

Our Curriculum

The Curriculum

In the first year of primary school, the children’s learning is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. The next two years of primary school are called Key Stage 1.  Within the framework of the National Curriculum and the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, teachers plan and organise teaching and learning in the way that best meets the needs of their pupils.


The children at Fairway are taught a range of learning skills which will enable them to become effective life-long learners. We believe that learning is the acquisition and application of knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes that brings about progress.


Our children learn by:

  • Understanding, developing and sharing ideas
  • Being able to transfer skills and knowledge appropriately
  • Becoming resourceful - knowing how to work things out and where to go for help
  • Developing a desire and self-motivation to discover for themselves
  • Making sense of the world and their place within it
  • Acquiring skills and knowledge that enables them to make progress
  • Using new skills appropriately
  • Being able to work, play and co-operate with others
  • Knowing when to work with others and when to work independently
  • Understanding the need to manage their own behaviour
  • Understanding and using their preferred learning styles
  • Being able to adapt to different situations
  • Being able to make connections
  • Enjoying new experiences and challenges
  • Being resilient – accepting that making a mistake is part of the learning process
  • Valuing the contributions made by others.


The curriculum is carefully structured with planned opportunities for children to engage in a range of activities outdoors and indoors. Much of the learning is introduced to the children through cross curricular themes. Children learn through play and practical experience, as well as through direct instruction from the teaching team.


In order to meet children’s diverse needs, planning takes account of prior knowledge with opportunities to extend children’s interests and skills, developing self-esteem and confidence while building capacity to learn. The children are taught to be active learners who are aware of what to do if they get stuck and what they need to do to make more progress.


Please see the individual subject pages below for more information about our curriculum.