Fairway Infant School


‘Pupils’ reading skills are particularly good. Teachers help pupils in the early stages of reading well.’ Ofsted 2019


At Fairway, reading underpins, and is at the heart of, all that we do and we are passionate about developing confident, proficient readers. We want our children to develop a lifelong enjoyment of reading and leave us as avid readers with a love of literature and a thirst for knowledge.

As children progress through the school they are taught to decode text but also, vitally, to understand what they read. Reading forms a large part of each day as the children are supported to apply their reading skills across the curriculum. Phonics is taught as the primary strategy for children to use to decode and read words. The reading curriculum is successfully adapted to meet the needs of all children and swift action is taken to support, and provide intervention, to those in need of additional support.

Children are introduced to high quality, thought provoking, texts across a diverse range of genres and enjoy regular story times throughout each week. Guided and shared reading sessions give children the opportunities to access inspiring texts which contain ambitious vocabulary and are analysed and used to support the development of critical thinking and inference skills.

Our reading scheme is specifically designed to be progressive and supportive with books linked directly to the children’s developing phonic knowledge. Books are banded, by the phonics sounds that they contain, and given an animal sticker. Children work through the structured scheme until they become fluent, confident readers. They are then introduced to a wide selection of books, to read independently, including chapter books, classic stories, non-fiction and poetry books designed to inspire a love of reading through inspiring, engaging and exciting texts.

Included in our reading scheme are books from the following reading programs; Bug Club Phonics, Collins Big Cat Phonics, Rising Stars Reading Planet: Rocket Phonics and the Oxford Reading Tree series’: Songbirds, Traditional Tales and Floppy’s Phonics. The scheme starts with wordless, picture books for the children to begin telling their own stories and developing an understanding of story structure. As the children progress through the levels, they encounter books that are closely matched to our phonics scheme the ‘Song of Sounds’.

To promote and inspire reading further, each year group has a well-stocked, cosy, fun and engaging reading area with a broad selection of fiction, non-fiction and poetry books to ensure that all children have access to a wide range of high quality, high interest texts appropriate to their stage of development. Books related to their current topic are also displayed, and available to read, in each classroom. The children are actively encouraged to make their own choices of what they would like to read, to discuss their reasons for choosing a particular text and to give their opinions and thoughts on the books that they have read.

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